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Beautiful Bride Should Aim for Organization

When planning elements of your wedding – whether working on the guest list or selecting your hairstyle— organization can help make the day smoother and the bride more beautiful. At Salon Gemma our large, experienced staff is ideally suited to handle all your bridal beauty needs, whether your wedding is elaborate or simple. Our bridal service range from hair styling, color and perms to facials, nails and make up. We can accommodate the entire bridal party—grooms and in-laws, too! Here are a few suggestions when working on your bridal beauty goals:

First, choose your gown and headpiece early, so that all the other elements that depend on those things can follow along. At Salon Gemma, we have worked with brides and bridal parties for more than 50 years, so we are familiar with weddings and brides. We suggest you shop for a headpiece with a hairstyle in mind. If you will be wearing your hair down or long, consider what headpiece or hat would complement that look. If you are opting for an upswept look, as so many beautiful brides do, think of how the veil or headpiece can fit the hairstyle.

Once you’ve purchased the gown and headpiece, select the stylist you will be using for your wedding and try out a style you are interested in. Make sure you choose a style that is becoming to you, not one that is simply fashionable or a hairstyle that looks good on a model in a magazine. We find that the “right” style is the one that looks best on you, and each bride is different.

When you have chosen the members of your wedding party and you know which out-of-town guests will be attending, find out if they will be needing hair and/or nail appointments. If so, make the appointments for everyone well in advance. Don’t forget your own appointments for the day of the wedding. Perhaps there will be lots of parties and entertaining during the few weeks prior to the big day. If so, you might want to think about booking several appointments, so you will look your best for the festivities!

We suggest you call the salon a week before the wedding to check on all appointments, make sure nothing has been forgotten and everyone has been taken care of.

You might also want to get in a bit of pampering during the hectic pre-wedding days. Why not consider a facial, a pedicure or our Retreat from the Street package.

At Salon Gemma we pamper you with an entire package of beauty treats that can soothe away those pre-wedding jitters. Our skin experts and makeup artists can help advise you on how to take care of your skin, and can give you tips on makeup colors and application.

We generally advise brides not to overdo it when it comes to makeup, or anything else. We feel that simple is usually best for a wedding look, because a simple , yet effective makeup and hair strategy will let the bride’s natural beauty shine through.

Call us at Salon Gemma 716-634-5422 to make an appointment for your bridal beauty, haircut, color, spa day or for a copy of our bridal services brochure. Our experienced staff can help you enjoy that special time in your life just a little bit more! We are located at 5422 Main Street in Williamsville and open Tuesday thru Saturday at hours that fit most people’s busy schedule.

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